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  • US West Coast tour w/ Jason Cruz & Howl / The Darlings 2014
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There is no better introduction to The Pullmen's newest album than the opening lyric from the first song: “Look out, we're going for your throat now.”

Only five years have passed since the four friends who make up The Pullmen first attempted to write a song together, and their third release, Going Dark, is a mighty testament to the band's personal and musical evolution.

Anchored in punk rock with a folky, singer-songwriter sensibility, The Pullmen's first two records were hard-hitting exposés of its boozy, coastal Southern California swagger : The Western Score, a rootsy concept album with a love-crazed protagonist ; and Pine Ridge, a quick and dirty last call for hard-partying blue collar ragers.

With Going Dark, a stronger, wiser, meaner, and ultimately, better band emerges. Elements of pure rock 'n' roll a la The Kinks and lo-fi garage that recalls The Strokes are seamlessly folded into The Pullmen's Western thrash core with a pop flourish suggestive of The Jam, resulting in more dimension but no less grit.

Like landscapes shaped by the unforgiving force of time, the best progressions are the natural ones, and the greatest albums are forged with the grime and glory of real life, the grip of loss and gain, the revelation of release.

This is one of those albums. 

Michel Cicero, Music Editor, Ventura County Reporter

If The Man with No Name played the guitar and spoke more than a few choice words, he would've rocked this shit.


Old Western punk? Progressive folky punk? Nothing I write here will do more than what your ears can do.